Security Planning

Northern California's Leading security planner

To date, Matt has authored over 330  security plans throughout the agriculture, transportation, manufacturing and residential markets. Matt's plans maintains a 100% success rate in regulatory approval at both the local and state level.  

By 2018, Matt's work in security planning had garnered the attention of local governments. Matt is now regularly hired to serve on community interest panels, to represent clients in meetings with regulators, and to speak on security strategies in city council and planning meetings.

Since early 2018, Matt has served as a security consultant for the Police Departments of both Dixon, CA and Benicia, CA. Matt provides staff training on industry specific regulations, recommendations relating to best security practices and assists in the assessment/scoring of security plans.

With California's regulations changing on a semi-annual basis for years to come, commercial businesses should consider retaining a qualified security expert to handle the burdens of changing regulations and to keep their business on the cutting edge of safety and security. Be prepared; and design out crime with Carroll Security Consulting!

Consulting Service Options

Project Basis -

Under a flat-fee arrangement, Matt will develop a comprehensive security plan for your business - a plan sufficient to overcome local and state regulatory requirements with a 100% money-back guarantee. Under this model, if the client makes changes that require plan updating, or should regulatory changes arise that require modifications to the premises and its security plan, an hourly fee will be charged for updates.

Retainer Basis: The Best Practice

Clients who wish to have Matt available on an as-needed basis under a recurring fee arrangement, Matt offers a retainer package. For a small monthly fee, Matt will be available to your business for consultation, to communicate with regulators on your behalf, to assess your premises for security compliance and more. Clients choosing to retain Matt's services may choose from a variety of packages, fee structures and features.